Thursday, August 4, 2011

Keep it honest!

I have a whirlwind ahead of me. I will be leaving for London today and shortly after I return a trip to Atlanta, GA and both sides of the state of Ohio. Also please check out my most recent media interview you can download it here:

Recently on an episode of how I met your mother Lilly was very deceptive with her husband Marshall. She ran up over $100,000 on personal credit cards without ever telling him. When it was time for him to decide upon which kind of job to get he was forced to taking the higher paying job which was going to make him personally miserable because they needed the money to pay off her debt.

It is important to be honest from day one about your financial situation. Now ladies I'm not saying to spill your beans on the first date. However, once you are seriously considering spending the rest of your life with someone it is time to come clean. Credit can have a minimum 7 year impact on the marriage.

Don't deceive someone into loving you! Be honest at all times.
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