Friday, September 2, 2011

Power Duo Set to Form Power Trio: Jay-Z and Beyonce Beyond Thrilled to Become Parents

Crazy in love and a baby on the way! Twitter accounts went crazy on the night of the MTV Music Awards when Beyonce announced her pregnancy on her terms. She posed on the MTV “black” carpet, clutching a small bump under her flowing gown, and then rubbing her belly at the end of her performance that night, leaving no one in doubt that there was a bun in that girl’s oven.

When you have the kind of resources that Beyonce and Jay Z have, not only is your first thought, “I wish I was that baby,” but it also reminds you that, although money isn’t everything, it does take the sting out of parenthood. They’ll be sure to have a team that is dedicated to the little mogul or diva in waiting. Sure, having a nanny or a team of nannies is great for getting over the rough patches and balancing career demands. However, it is good if both parents stay highly involved in their child’s upbringing.

We have yet to see how Beyonce will take to the role of mother although that beaming face seen around the world was really a breath of fresh air. The excitement and pride in being pregnant seems to be an early indicator that she will be a hands-on mom. While every woman handles the demands of motherhood differently (Have you seen Alicia Keys on the scene lately?), it can be easy to get out of balance easily even if you are on the Forbes’ list of wealthiest entertainers.

Suddenly, everything is work and children. It’s so easy to get lost in the maze of responsibilities. Beyonce has already talked retirement at age thirty to be a mom, so maybe she might retire her fashion house wardrobe and opt for a low-key look. The problem is that, with the lost appearance, comes a sex life that suffers. And, once that fizzles, so goes the marriage.

So, whether you are Beyonce or a lesser known diva, it’s important to think about balance and not losing yourself or your marriage in the process of motherhood. This may mean making some tough decisions to restructure, reorder, and set new parameters to keep YOU in the equation. Remember: your well-being constitutes the whole well-being of the family unit. When you’re not good, nobody is good. You can only give out from the best that you are as a person.

In the meantime, congrats go out to the famous parents-to-be. Recently, the media reported that Jay-Z was over the moon alongside his wife and was doting on her while Beyonce’s mom was also lending her support. Maybe even Uncle Kanye will come over and make up a rap lullaby on the spot. However it turns out, it looks like they are on their way to not only building an empire, but they are also working on creating a strong and balanced family unit full of support and love. And, if the response by fans is any indication, it would seem that most of us are happier to hear joyous news rather than salacious relationship drama!

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